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1. Be a positive contributor

Posting content that deceives or harms others is prohibited, as is other user behavior that is destructive to the community. Users who act destructively may have their content removed or be outright banned at the moderators' discretion.

To see how the /r/CFB community generally works, check out our guide (General Post Rules at the top). If you aren't treating other users the way you'd want to be treated, you're probably not a good fit for /r/CFB.

2. No flamebait, personal attacks, or harassment

  • Flamebait is any post that is designed to get negative reactions from a particular user or fanbase. You might also call this "trolling".
  • Personal attacks: If you're having to resort to calling someone names, you're doing it wrong. (Yes, this includes things like calling people idiots, questioning their intelligence, etc.)
  • Harassment can take many forms, from post-stalking to unwanted private messages; it will also result in a very quick ban (and you may get reported to the admins for good measure).
  • Friendly ribbing and trash talk is part of sports fandom, and is fine. This can be a narrow line sometimes, so if you're not sure, tread carefully. Such comments must also not violate any other rules.
  • Avoid insulting other users directly or indirectly (simply to avoid being called out on direct insults). Some insults that do not otherwise violate the rules (like flamebait, rule 3, etc.) may be allowed for public figures.
  • Don't wish harm on any individuals.
  • 3. No victim blaming, or jokes about rape or domestic violence

    There's no reason to use any of these things for jokes or for internet points. /r/CFB is supposed to be a friendly place where college football fans can interact - it's not a place for using sexually-charged comments to rile up others. If you think a joke or remark is over the line, it probably is.

    Using sexual assault, rape, domestic violence, or other such cases for flamebait violates this rule. It also applies to jokes about sexual assault, rape, rape scandals, and jokes about domestic violence.

    4. No racism, homophobia, sexism, ableism, transphobia, or other bigotry

    /r/CFB is welcoming to all. Any comment that is demeaning, racist, sexist, homophobic, ableist, transphobic, or bigoted in any way is not allowed. This also applies to jokes about mental and developmental disabilities. There is no reason to use any of these things as jokes or for internet points.

    5. No personal info

    You may not post any personal information of private individuals. That means: no names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, Facebook links, or anything else that might identify someone, including yourself. This applies whether or not you have permission from the person. The posting of public information with the intent to brigade or harass anyone is forbidden. Posting widely-available information for public figures is permitted so long as the intent is not to brigade or harass the individual. For more information about what is considered personal information (and other Reddit sitewide rules), refer to the Reddit Content Policy. We're bound by site rules to enforce this strictly.

    6. Spam & Self-Promotion

  • Spam: Posting links to external sites for the primary purpose of driving traffic and/or generating income is forbidden and may result in an account suspension or ban and/or a domain ban. Posting the same or similar links, posts, or comments repeatedly in a short time frame may also result in an account suspension or ban.
  • Self-Promotion: The right to promote your own material is restricted to active participants in the /r/CFB community who regularly engage with other members. Overly frequent posting may result in a warning or ban; non-participants may be banned.
  • Low-effort Posts: Repeatedly posting low-effort posts (check [here] to see what constitutes a low-effort post) may result in a warning or a ban.
  • 7. Use the weekly threads

    If there is already a weekly thread for a particular type of content, please keep that content in that thread. Pictures, videos, and gifs go in the Picture/Video/GIF thread. Screencaps and signs for ESPN's College Gameday belong in the weekly show thread. And so on. You can find the Weekly Schedule Here.

    8. No politics or religion

    Avoid all political/religious discussion or threads unless it's directly related to college football - and keep it civil!

    9. Bots are discouraged

    If your bot randomly wanders into /r/CFB and is not providing a service we have much of a use for, you can expect it to be banned. Don't take it personally - we just prefer to keep the bot fluff to a minimum. This includes bots that overwrite past comments. We make exceptions for certain bots on a case-by-case basis.

    10. No 'drama' or brigade subs

    We do not permit cross-posting (x-posts) to "drama" or brigade subreddits. If you see posts that are too heated or otherwise objectionable, report them or message the moderators directly with a link to the post(s) in question. Any posts or comments designed deliberately cause drama about /r/CFB externally break this rule.

    11. No linking to removed and/or deleted content

    We do not permit linking to removed and/or deleted posts and comments or to sites that are designed to get around those removals and/or deletions. We also do not permit comments redirecting other users to removed comments or posts in any way.

    Do not message the moderators until you have read this in full. Doing so could prolong your ban. In particular before messaging please note:

    If a rule is broken with intent, we often start with a suspension. This helps us meet the primary goal of quickly cleaning up posts that break the rules and preventing widespread rule violations.

    If your ban is 5 or more days, you can appeal it following these steps. An appeal is a chance to have your ban reconsidered, but is not a guarantee.

    1. Find which rule you may have violated by reading the /r/CFB Rules thoroughly

    2. Fill out the appeal form here.

    3. Wait for a moderator to reply

    Additional notes

    If you are banned, you have probably broken the /r/CFB Rules (See above). There are three levels of corrective action that we can take:

    1. Warning: A message from the moderators for minor offenses that alerts you of a rule violation.
    2. Suspension: A temporary ban from the /r/CFB, after which you can return.
    3. Ban: A permanent ban from /r/CFB.

    Which action is applied to you is a function of the severity of the infraction, whether you are a repeat offender. Additionally, on high traffic days (particularly on game days) we tend to be less lenient simply because we lack the bandwidth to be gentle.


    A warning comes in the form of a message from /r/CFB, and is generally reserved for rule violations that are inadvertent or borderline. There are no specific penalties from a warning, but do note that if you get one there will be less leniency for future infractions. You are not guaranteed to receive a warning for your first offense, as these are given out under very specific conditions.


    Suspensions are temporary bans, and are given out as a corrective measure to curb rule-breaking behavior. Suspensions are often given out as an official warning for blatant rule breaking. Bans disable commenting on or submitting to /r/CFB. If your suspension is under 5 days, it will not be reviewed. Longer suspensions may be reviewed if and only if you follow the instructions on this page. The length of your suspension is proportional to the severity of the infraction. If you are suspended we suggest cooling off and reflect on how you can change your posting habits to avoid running into problems again.


    Permanent bans are issued on occasion to flagrant violators who are unlikely to be productive members of the community, generally limited to spammers, trolls, and repeat offenders. If the message you receive does not say it is temporary, then it is permanent. It is rare that we lift a permanent ban, but you may apply for clemency by following the directions below.

    Bans are reviewed exclusively in Moderator Mail. We won't discuss bans in private messages, nor publicly on the subreddit. Attempting to discuss your ban in any other place (via PM or by making another account to post on the subreddit) will work against you.

    Modmail is a semi-private forum that all moderators can view. All official /r/CFB moderation discussions and decisions, including bans, are handled by the moderators as a team. Reviewing bans in modmail where all moderators can see it promotes transparency and allows all moderators to weigh in on a situation as needed.

    Modmail is not like other types of messages on Reddit, so if you have never had a conversation in modmail before, here are some screenshots to show you what it looks like:

    To begin a conversation in modmail, simply respond to the message you were sent informing you that you were banned. If you were not banned and you want to talk to the us anyway, or you cannot find the ban message in your inbox, you can always just message us directly using the "Message the Moderators" link in the sidebar. If you get responses from multiple moderators, it is not necessary to reply to each of them. A response sent to one moderator can be seen by all the moderators.

    The following is a list of bad ways to react to getting banned. These reduce the chances of an appeal and increase the chances of a permanent ban

    Deleting offending post(s).


    Pointing toward others' behavior as an excuse

    Insulting the Mods, Rules, or Other Users

    Playing the Victim

    Sending a Private Message to Individual Mods

    Spamming Modmail

    Create Another Account to Avoid the Ban

    You said mods don't warn people in threads, so why do I see them warning people sometimes?

    When the subreddit is not very busy, or all is quiet on the moderating front, mods will sometimes take the time to explain the warning publicly instead of banning. Public warnings are also given in some instances where moderators feel a more visible reminder of the rules could benefit other people in addition to the user they are directly responding to (as a sort of PSA).

    You guys haven't responded to me about my ban. What gives?

    We're not so busy that we don't see most modmail that comes in fairly quickly. If you haven't gotten a response for a while, one of these things might be in play:

    1. The mods aren't around. There's not always someone watching modmail. If you send a message late at night, for example, be patient until at least the next day.
    2. The mods are busy. If it's gameday, or some other major event is happening, we might be tied up in that and unable to respond right away. Keep this in mind and try to be patient.
    3. The mods are discussing your ban internally. If you have been banned before, or your case is more than just a simple flamebait comment or something, we might be talking about how to deal with your case before letting you know.
    4. The mods are ignoring you. If you did something that was pretty obviously malicious, then we will probably ignore requests to review your ban. We reserve the right to do this for any ban where we think it is justified, and for any temp ban of 2 days or less (see Temporary bans section above).


    Shadowbans are a sitewide disciplinary action from Reddit that makes it impossible for others to see your posts. The /r/CFB Mods have no control over this, and your only recourse is messaging the reddit admins.

    I read the rules and this policy, but I don't know what I did wrong.

    If this is really the case, reply to your ban message and let us know. If you're honestly confused, we'll usually be willing to explain things for you.


    Our policy on post approval has evolved over the years, and continues to evolve. In general, we approve posts based on the following 5 general principles:

    1. Posts that are directly related to college football
    2. Posts that are not intentionally misleading
    3. Posts that will stimulate constructive discussion among college football fans
    4. Posts that are sufficiently novel
    5. Self posts that show high effort

    If the post you are submitting follows these guidelines, it will probably be approved.

    A much more detailed breakdown of specific edge cases is below. There are special guidelines for Game Threads, Post Game Threads, Recruting Threads, and Draft Posts in separate tabs at the top.

    Feel free to ask us in modmail beforehand if you're not sure whether something would be approved!


    You may not receive a notification or warning if your thread is removed. If your thread is removed and you want to know why, send a polite modmail requesting clarification. You may also receive a ban for such posts.

    RepostsMake a good-faith effort to check whether or not what you're posting has already been posted. Certain discussion topics are deleted if posted too frequently. For more information on this, check out our wiki page for common reposts.
    Anything not CFB-relatedDirect posts that aren't college football-related to /r/CFBOffTopic.
    NSFW contentUnless it is 100%, absolutely, directly related to CFB and clearly labeled, no NSFW content. Posting non-CFB-related NSFW content, even if it is labeled as such, is not allowed.
    "Baseball Stats"We allow record breaking news to be posted but we do not allow "baseball stat" style posts along the lines of "the first touchdown scored by number 89 on a team on a Tuesday" or "8000 teams have done this but Team A has not."
    Other posts about Former Players News about a player leaving a team is relevant to /r/CFB. Any further news about a player who has left a team is not relevant to /r/CFB. Exceptions may be allowed if the news is focused on their time at the school as a player or relevant to college football in the present. Posts about death or diagnosis of a terminal illness or cancer of former players and coaches are also allowed.
    Posts about the NFLPosts about the NFL, or any player who has been drafted to NFL should be directed to /r/NFL. Players who have declared for the draft are still college football related until they are drafted. UDFAs are college football relevant until the NFL Draft is over.
    Streaming LinksDo not link to illegal stream sites or to subreddits aggregating those links. Discussion about options like Hulu Live, You Tube TV, etc. are allowed, but keep in mind that quality master lists have been posted already and generic requests for cord cutter options may be removed. In addition, any links to full games, request to links for full games, or similar requests will be removed, in comments or posts.
    Images, gifs, streamablesAll link posts just to images, gifs, Streamables, and similar, will be removed automatically. This applies to imgur and other image hosts. You may submit them as self posts ("Submit Text") providing context for discussion, or preferably as comments in related threads. We often have official threads that are an appropriate forum for these.
    Memeslmage macros and meme videos and such will be removed on sight. Post them to /r/cfbmemes instead.
    Twitter linksAll link posts to a tweet will be automatically removed. Tweets are welcome in the content of self posts ("Submit Text"), which allows you to provide additional context. A rationale for this rule can be found here.
    Editoralized titlesIf you're posting a link to another site, and want to let your opinion about it be known, post the link and put your opinion in the comments. Don't editorialize the title.
    Team/Fanbase attack ThreadsThreads designed to put down other teams or fanbases will be removed. We want posts that encourage positive discussion and debate, not collective hate. Example thread titles include "Which fanbase is most delusional" and "Which team do you irrationally hate". It also includes other threads whose true purpose is to ridicule other fans, fanbases, and teams.
    No link shortener URLsThis includes URLs from t.co, tinyurl, ow.ly, bit.ly, youtu.be, goo.gl, etc. Some types of shortened URLs such as Google Maps links or youtu.be links are generally OK in comments, but avoid them where possible.
    Mobile linksPost a link to the normal, non-mobile, non-AMP version of the site.
    Fundraiser linksDon't post direct links to fundraising sites without discussing the fundraiser with the mods first. This is to protect our users and prevent the sub from being flooded by requests for money.
    Posts about recruits below 3 starsTo keep recruiting spam down, we limit posts about recruiting to those that involve recruits of 3-stars and up; note: we use 247 Composite ratings for headlines about player rankings. Please follow the recruiting guidelines listed in the "Recruiting Post Rules" section.
    Word-for-word pasting of paywall contentTo avoid copyright issues, comments that are word-for-word copies of paywalled content (including, but not limited to, sites like The Athletic) will be removed. Writing your own article summary or list (in the case of "top ten" or ranking articles) is acceptable. We do allow articles to be posted if they are behind a paywall and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.
    Low effort or title-only self-postsBe sure to include meaningful content in your self posts. Do not just submit a title or a "what the title said" post. For example: answer your own question/give your own opinion in the text of the post, post a link to more information, explain what you mean in more depth. Do not post open letters. These threads will be removed. Generally low effort threads may also be removed. Simply making a longer post with more words does not guarantee it is not a low effort post.
    Old or out of date articlesWe allow posts about college football history. We generally do not allow posts or reposts of out of date, older articles as new news. Please check the date of the link you are submitting before submitting it.
    "LOLRANDOM" postsDo not submit lolrandom posts. If the only effort is you blathering on, the post is subject to being sporked by the moderators oF d00m. Sporkworthiness will be the sole discretion of the moderators. More researched and higher quality posts may be retained.
    Posts asking about /r/CFB itselfThese are often better directed to /r/CFBMeta.
    "Please/Don't Upvote/Downvote postsDo not include language like "please upvote," "please downvote," or "don't upvote" to your post titles.
    TIL/ELI5/DAE postsThese posts are generally lower effort and tend to attract other posts of these kinds. DAE posts are outright not permitted as they are very low effort. TIL posts can be easily cast as history posts and we encourage you to do this. ELI5 posts can be easily cast as regular questions and we encourage you to do this. If you want to submit information about a historic event in college football, please make a self post with additional information and discussion. This includes direct links to Wikipedia and posts that simply repeat Wikipedia articles.
    Research without ApprovalIf you are doing research for a university class or degree you must (1) have IRB approval or equivalent cleared with appropriate people at the university and the mod team, (2) message the mods before posting, and (3) be a regular user in good standing to avoid violating our rules on spam/self-promotion.
    Buy/Sell/Trade PostsDo not make posts requesting purchases, sales or trades for any goods or services. We're not Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. This rule is to protect our users from potential scams and prevent the sub from turning into a virtual garage sale.
    Game threads must be requested through the Game Thread Generator available here. The system will automatically post the Post Game Thread on your behalf. Poorly done game threads, particularly if repeated, may result in your being blocked from claiming future games.
    Posts about recruits and transferring players must follow the following rules for title and content. Any posts not adhering to these rules are subject to removal.

    Draft Posts

    Posts about players declaring for the Draft must follow the following rules for title and content. Any posts not adhering to these rules are subject to removal.


    New Recruits: Commitments and Decommitments

    New Recruits: Flips

    New Commits: Special Teams



    Undergraduate Transfers

    Graduate Transfers

    Portal / Draft


    I'm Staying

    NFL Draft

    Praise Portal!